Thursday, December 17, 2009


So it has been a long while since I have been inspired to blog. I guess maybe I was tired, burned out, or maybe not into doing it. What ever the excuse, I'm sure it was deliberate and I'm sure it will happen again.

So I was teaching my normal group at church on Wed. night, (The 706) and we were talking about humility and how Jesus showed the disciples humility by washing their feet just hours before his death. We were reading in John 13; 1-17.

So Jesus knows he is about to be betrayed by one of his closest followers. He knows it. He makes a sarcastic comment about his disciples being clean, "but not all of you." I love how even Jesus made sarcastic comments.

I asked the guys, middle school boys, what super powers they had. They all looked at me with a puzzling look. I asked them once again. I said, "none right?" They agreed. I then showed them how Jesus , who could do almost anything he wanted, started washing the feet of his own disciples. Jesus took his final hours to serve others. He showed humility when he did not have to. How AWESOME!

Have you ever watched track and field on tv? I aways love watching the relay races. You take the four fastest guys or gals you have to compete on being the fastest team. It is not about one or two, it takes a 100% effort from the team to compete. They each run their own leg of the race passing a baton to the person in front of them.

Have you ever thought that maybe our Christian walk can be compared to this race? You take the baton, you run your part and then hand it off to the next.
God has a plan for each of us. A plan that is divine and set fourth way before we were born. What if we stop being obedient during our life and never finish our part of the race? Who is in front of you that will never receive the baton? Who will miss out on God's word or his blessings because you decided not to be obedient? Don't fall short when raising a kid or maybe just talking to a friend. God has a purpose for your life. Finish the race! Hand the baton off, and be blessed. Show some humility. Maybe it will not be washing someone's feet, but serve where you are called. Merry Christmas!

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